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Are you in need of funding support for your Community Organisation or Sporting Group?

Funding is available from a wide range of sources which can be found by following the links below.

Funding is competitive and you will need to demonstrate a need within the community and wide community support for your project.







Future State Greats Ltd makes funding grants available to Queensland school students between the ages of 10-19 years who want to play sport but for some reason find it difficult to do so. 
Only Principals – or their representative – are eligible to apply for and on behalf of students that attend their schools. 

Please see the website for more details.


Litter and Illegal Dumping Community and
Industry Partner

This program aims to reduce the incidence, scale, environmental impact and cost of litter and illegal dumping in Queensland through community education and behavioural change interventions.
 It will support a small number of innovative projects that bring together the expertise and energy of a range of interested parties.

The partnerships will involve:

  • Collaboration in the development and delivery of projects
  • Exchange or sharing of skills, intellectual property and products.

Please see the website for more details.



for a
single organisation.


for two or more organi
-sations working in partner

Project Defib – Defibrillator Subsidies

Every year an alarming number of Sudden Cardiac Arrests occur in our sporting clubs. What is even more alarming is the vast majority of clubs have not taken measures to safeguard their sporting community with the use of a defibrillator.

Project Defib is a national program brought to you by Red Cross College – the national training arm of Australian Red Cross. This program will enable every sporting club in Australia access to the latest Lifeline VIEW Defibrillator to assist in reducing the number of fatalities resulting from Cardiac Arrest.

The program will enable every club to receive a grant which will provide a comprehensive Defibrillator package at a subsidised cost. We believe that forming a partnership with the individual sporting clubs is crucial and this includes ongoing national support and mentoring from our state and regional offices throughout Australia. We have combined resources of over 500 personnel in Australia.

Please see the website for more details.


$1600 Subsidy per sporting club.

Cadbury Fundraiser Community Grants

For many years Cadbury Fundraiser has helped community organisations across Australia raise millions of dollars for their fundraising activities.

Cadbury Fundraiser is pleased to announce that the Community Grants program continues in 2015. Grants are open to Cadbury Fundraiser customers who meet grant application criteria and are selected by a judging panel.

The intention of the grant program is to support a wide range of community-based projects that increase social inclusion and enhance community engagement in Australia.

Grant Categories:

  • Live Well: Initiatives promoting increased opportunities for participation in sports and recreation or general community collaboration
  • Learn Well: Initiatives promoting increased opportunities for learning and development

All grant applicants must be a Cadbury Fundraiser customer.

Please read the application conditions.

Submissions are now being accepted. Submissions close at 5:00PM 30 November 2016 (AEDT – Melbourne time).

For more information on this grant and how to apply, click here.


30th November 2016



Behaviour Management Program Grant

This program aims to provide regional cash grants to a host school nominated by each region.

As from 2005, the Alternative Education Program (AEP) and the Behaviour Management Resource Grant have been combined to enhance the effective use of these resources in providing behaviour management services.

This program allocates funds to:

  • Ensure the provision of short-term alternative education programs for students at risk of or on suspension for 6 to 20 days (previously called 'The Alternative Education Program').
  • Assist schools to provide for annual stock and requisites, petty cash and equipment and materials for the behaviour management teacher (previously called the 'Behaviour Management Resource Grant').

A total funding pool of $900,000 is allocated each semester, distributed on the basis of the following data for each region:

  • Regional enrolment (50%)
  • Socioeconomic disadvantage (30%)
  • Suspensions and exclusions (10%)
  • School size (10%)

In addition, an operational grant of $520 per semester or $1,040 per year is allocated to the base location of the 290 behaviour management teachers.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants include state schools (including independent public schools).

For more information on this grant, please email DETA.



Total Funding Pool of $900,000

Regional Allocated Specialist Support Staff Resource Grants

This program aims to assist Queensland schools to provide for annual stock and requisites, petty cash and equipment and materials for Specialist Support Staff.

Regions are allocated an annual budget to deliver special education support based on staffing numbers. Any grant payment amounts to schools will be determined by the Regional Executive Director.

Please refer to the website for the payment details and allocation of funds.

Who Can Apply

Eligible school centre types include:

  • State School
  • Community School
  • School of Distance Education
  • State High School
  • Secondary Campus
  • Special School
  • Special Education Program

For more information please email DETA.



Payment to be determined by the Regional Executive Director

VET in Schools

This program aims to assist schools in expanding the breadth and depth of their VET in Schools programs to assist students to successfully progress to further education, training or employment.

Assistance is available as a formula-generated cash allocations to schools for the following:

  1. School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SATs)
  2. Advance payment of $300 per commencement based on previous calendar year's SATs commencements
  3. Adjustment payment of (based on previous calendar year's SATs commencements less previous year's advance payment):
    • $500 per commencement remaining active or completed
    • $300 per commencement subsequently cancelled or withdrawn
  4. Payments are made in April each year.
  5. Certificate courses
    • Payments of $700 per school plus notional $ rate per certificate completion to fit within a set budget based on previous calendar year's VET certificate completions
    • Payments are made in July each year.
  6. VET programs in special schools
    • Payments of $2.000 per special school based on previous calendar year's VET certificate completions
    • Payments are made in April each year.
  7. VET co-ordination and career enhancement
    • Payments of $150 per institute plus a per capita rate of $2.50 per student, or $5 per student for P-10, special schools and schools in detention centres
    • Remaining funds are pooled at sector level and distributed according to VET activity (e.g. certificate completions)
    • Payments are made in September each year.

Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants include:

  • State schools with students in the senior phase of learning
  • Non-state school and technical and further education (TAFE) institutes (including agricultural colleges), for VET co-ordination and career enhancement payment only.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include establishing or expanding the schools' VET in Schools program for students in the senior phase of learning.

For more information please email DETA



Formula-generated cash allocations.

School Bus Upgrade Scheme

This program seeks to provide funding to eligible school bus operators to assist with the purchase of new buses or buses that are less than five years old. Its objective is to help accelerate the introduction of rollover-compliant buses into the Queensland school bus fleet.

There are two categories for this program:

  1. Capital Based Kilometric School Bus Services
    • This provide services under the same operational guidelines as standard kilometre based school bus services
  2. Fares Based School Bus Services – Bus Replacement Funding
    • The capital funding is determined by the cost of the bus and an applicable funding cap
    • In general, funding for fares-based services is provided on the basis that large capacity buses are required
    • If vehicles of a smaller capacity are required, funding will be negotiated with the operator on a case-by-case basis.

In 2016-17, funding is available to replace eligible buses being used on kilometric and fares-based routes for which the operator holds a Prescribed School Service Contract.

Who Can Apply

Eligible applicants include operators who are invited by the department to apply for financial assistance under the program.

 Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include the purchase of the following:

  • Replacement school bus
  • Replacement upgraded school bus
  • Air-conditioning
  • Seatbelts
  • Power train retarder

Please review the Guidelines for the complete list of eligible activities for each category.


The following are ineligible for funding:

  • On-road costs (registration and insurance)
  • Items not required on a basic school bus (for example, bull bars and alloy wheels). All costs for extras included at the time of purchase are at the operator’s expense
  • Extras fitted or repairs and maintenance costs that occur after taking deliver.
  • Any costs associated with transporting the upgraded school bus from the supplier.

Unless approved by the department, funding is not available to replace an upgraded school bus before the conclusion of its economic life.




Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF)

There have been some changes to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF)  - see

The next GCBF round, round 91 is expected to open in mid-November and close mid-January 2017. Actual dates will be confirmed in early-November. The opening of GCBF round 91 will also be promoted through the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation’s Facebook and Twitter updates. This first funding round of the new grant system will be extended to allow applicants time to familiarise themselves with the new process.

Re-registering your organisation

Due to the system upgrade, if you are already registered with CBFU, you will need to re-register.

Please Note!

The new grants management system is now open and ready for community organisations to submit applications for Round 91 of Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) grants.

The GCBF unit have been working tirelessly over recent months to develop a user-friendly online portal for organisations to apply for grant funding – click here for an overview.

They are seeking your assistance to promote our new system to your local community organisations.

What eligible organisations can expect from the new system:

  • Access to register, apply and manage your grant online from most devices and internet browsers;
  • Reduced time in registering and applying for grants;
  • Ease in management of their registration details;
  • View the status of their application in real-time;Acquit their grant funding online.

First steps when using the new system:

  • Watch the online video tutorials about our grants;
  • Register their organisation;
  • Complete their application;
  • Acquit or vary your grant.

Organisations that have a current open application funded through the previous grants system have already had their data transferred to the new system. Organisations should simply visit the portal, type their organisation name and click ‘forgot your password’. A new password will be emailed to the organisation’s accountable officer.

All other organisations will need to register in the new portal as either a legal entity or a sponsored organisation.

The portal has handy information to help organisations as they proceed through the registration, application and acquittal process. Organisations are encouraged to contact the friendly GCBF staff if they have any questions on (07) 3247 4284 or 1800 633 619 (free call outside Brisbane).

Mid-November 2016

Mid Janurary 2017

Up to $35,000

Young Athletes Travel Subsidy  

The Young Athletes Travel Subsidy (travel subsidy) replaced the Young Athlete Assistance Program (YAAP) on 1 July 2015. This travel subsidy provides additional financial assistance through 3 event tiers and supports attendance at specific state, national and international events.

Subsidies are provided retrospectively under a tiered funding model, with applicants eligible once every 2 calendar years at each tier. Athletes and officials can only apply after they have competed or officiated at an event and within 6 months of participating.

The travel subsidy aims to foster the development of young athletes and support elite athlete pathways by providing financial assistance to help alleviate the costs associated with attending championship events.

Officials (such as coaches, referees and scorers) attending eligible events can also apply for assistance if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible?

Applicants eligible to apply for support after attending the event are those who:

•have competed or officiated (as a coach, referee or scorer) at an eligible Queensland state or state school event, Australian national or national school event or international event in the past 6 months

•have been residents of Queensland for at least 12 months preceding the event

•are under the age of 18 at the start of the event

•travelled a road distance of at least 250km (one-way) from their place of residence to the event location (check road distances using RACQ’s trip planner)

•flew or travelled by rail a radial distance of at least 250km (one-way) from their place of residence to the event location

•have their participation at the event confirmed by the regional/state/national coach or manager.

Please click here for more information.


Future State Greats Grants (QLD)

Future State Greats Ltd makes funding grants available to Queensland school students between the ages of 10-19 years who want to play sport but for some reason find it difficult to do so. Only Principals – or their representative – are eligible to apply for and on behalf of students that attend their schools.

If you, or anyone you know, is in need of assistance, please contact the family’s school or the fund.

Making an Application for Grants

•Principal permission – each nomination should have the full endorsement of the school principal to apply for grants.

•Tell us why? – please provide a short summary of the nominees story and all the background information on the ‘what’ and ‘when’ of the nomination

•School applies on student’s behalf – the nomination is made by the nominees school

•School completes on-line form nomination – here is the nomination form, please complete this form and have it ready to send in the event that your nomination has been successful

•Nomination submitted – submit the nomination on-line

•Nomination processed – FSG will assess the nomination, normally more information is required and the school representative will be contacted by a FSG representative

•Nomination approved/rejected – this process could take up to one month.

What sort of information will I require?

The Future State Greats Grants program is designed for school principals to nominate students from their school. The student may be eligible for funding if:

•They live in Australia and are enrolled in a Queensland school

•They are aged between 10-19 years

•The play or wish to play inter-school sport

The sort of information that will be required is:

•Student and family details

•School attendance records

•Sporting record and participation

•Behaviour record

•Costs associated with any relevant causes

Before starting the application I will require?

Please ensure that your student meets the following criteria:

They are a full-time bona-fide student at your school  and currently represent your school in an affiliated QSS program (or they would like to) .

You have completed or are able to complete the following forms:

•Parent Consent Form

•Project Consent Form

Please click here for more information.


Get Playing Places and Spaces

The Palaszczuk Government is encouraging sport and recreation clubs around Queensland to apply for funding through the Get Going Clubs and Get Playing Places and Spaces programs – with Round 5 opening today.

Treasurer and Minister for Sport Curtis Pitt said a combined $14.5 million in funding was available to local sport and recreation organisations through these programs.

Get Going Clubs and Get Playing Places and Spaces are two of four funding programs that make up the Get in the Game initiative, now over $100 million in the Palaszczuk Government’s investment to support grassroots sport and recreation.

Get Going Clubs provides funding of up to $7,500 to help clubs provide participation opportunities in the community.

Get Playing Places and Spaces provides grants of up to $100,000 for new or upgraded sport and recreation infrastructure projects so that more Queenslanders can be involved in sport and active recreation.

For more information on the opportunites available under Get in the game visit the website.


$14.5 Million in sport and recreaion funding now available

Student Sports Assistance Grant Application

Longreach and District Multipurpose Youth Sport and Recreation Group are currently offering a Student Sport Assistance Grant.


Are you a student attending a school in the Longreach Region and have been selected in a regional, state or national team for your sport?


You could be eligible for assistance towards the cost of your sporting event!


For more information email - or see their Facebook page

  • Regional team - $150
  • State team - $250
  • National Team - $450

Department of Social Services Volunteer Grants

The next Round of the Department of Social Services Volunteer Grants 2016 is NOW OPEN and closes on Tuesday 20 December 2016 at 2pm.

 The program is open to volunteer based community groups who help disadvantaged Australian communities and encourage inclusion of vulnerable people in community life.

Funding of between $1,000 and $5,000 is available.

The Program Guidelines, Terms and Conditions and on-line application can be found here: This application is on-line only.

 If your Group/Unit doesn’t have a bank account or ABN, you can apply through QFES. Complete the attached form and email the link to by Monday 12 December 2016.

If you would like to hand write the application or would like someone to proof read your application, contact SES Grants. They would love to help.



Tuesday 20 December