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Rural addresses made easier as bounded localities merged

The addresses of 134 properties in the Longreach Regional Council area have changed this year, following advice that the amalgamation of bounded localities in the former Longreach Shire has been...

2019 Australia Day Award Nominations Now Open

Mayor Ed Warren is encouraging the entire community to nominate our best and brightest for the 2019 Australia Day Awards. Council presents the awards each year to recognise outstanding...

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Registering and Microchipping of Cats and Dogs

Queensland State Law requires all non-working dogs to be registered with Council once they reach 12 weeks of age. Dogs must also display a Council issued registration tag on their collar when outside the dog’s normal place of residence. Cat registration while optional, is recommended by the Longreach Regional Council.

Queensland State Law also requires microchipping of all domestic cats and dogs once they reach 12 weeks of age. Microchips ensure lost animals are identifiable when scanned, and their owners must then be notified by Council within 3 days to allow their recovery.

Animal owners are further advised it’s an offence under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 for cats and dogs to wander at large, and they can be trapped and impounded. Impounded animals whose owners cannot be identified are at risk of being destroyed.

Maximum Penalties are as follows: Failure to register a dog - $2,520.00. Failure to microchip a cat or dog - $2,520.00. Failure to display a registration tag on your dog’s collar - $2,520.00. These amounts apply to each individual animal which does not meet State legal requirements.  

Council’s Local Laws Officers are empowered to conduct random inspections – which they do on an ongoing basis. Please ensure you register and microchip, and display the Council issued registration tag prominently on your animal’s collars, to avoid incurring penalties. Should you have any questions, contact our Local Laws Department on (07) 4658 4111.