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How can I travel to, from, and around the Longreach Region?

There are many options for travellers to the Longreach Region. Qantas has daily flights to and from Brisbane, and Rex Airlines flies twice-weekly to and from Townsville. The ‘Spirit of the Outback' train makes regular runs to Longreach, and Greyhound and Paradise Coaches also service the region.

If you prefer to drive, there are sealed roads and plenty of stops along the way from every direction. Longreach has hire-car options and taxi services. There are also several tour operators who offer a range of travel experiences around the region. Visit the council's Tourism Website for more information, or contact your preferred transport provider.

What are the road conditions around Longreach and surrounding areas?

Road conditions in the region are subject to change, depending on the weather, road-works, and general wear and tear. For the latest road condition report, contact the Longreach Visitor Information Centre (07) 4658 4150 or visit this Queensland Government webpage.

Does Longreach have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available at the Café Longreach (below the cinema on Eagle Street), the Yeast to West Bakery (opposite the Visitor Information Centre on Eagle Street) and The Garden Shed (on Swan Street).

Can I camp at the Longreach Showgrounds?

Camping at the Longreach Showgrounds is limited. Contact council to enquire if you are eligible to apply for a camping permit. There are caravan parks located throughout the region and free camping is available in a number of areas. Visit the council's tourism website for more information about camping options.

How to I register my dog or cat in the Longreach Region?

To register a cat or dog, you simply complete a form and pay an annual registration fee to council. Visit this LINK for more information. Registration is compulsory.

How do I apply for a 3rd dog permit?

There are several reasons you may be allowed to keep a 3rd dog in the Longreach Region. Contact council's main office (07) 4658 4111 to discuss your eligibility to apply for a 3rd dog permit. If eligible, council can supply an application form and further information.

How do I apply for a job with council?

Council advertises vacant positions in the local paper (Longreach Leader) and on the council website. Visit this page for more information on positions vacant and how to apply.

How do I know when tenders for plant & equipment become available through council?

Council call for tenders for plant & equipment in the local paper (Longreach Leader) and on the council website.

What should I do before planning development in the Longreach Region, including building and material change of use?

If you are proposing to develop land or buildings in the Longreach Region, you need to gain development approval from Council. Visit this LINK for more information.

Does the Longreach Regional Council offer venue hire?

Yes. Council has a range of venue hire options across the region, including the Longreach Civic Centre and Showgrounds facilities. Visit this LINK for more information.

How do I order a new wheelie bin?

If you are a Longreach Regional Council ratepayer and wish to order a new wheelie bin, contact council's main office - (07) 4658 4111

If the bin needs repairing or replacing from fair wear & tear, council will replace it. If the home owner has damaged/lost the bin, or it has been stolen, he/she can purchase a new bin through council. A stolen bin should be reported to police.

Can I busk in the main street of Longreach (Eagle Street) or in one of the other towns in the region?

Yes, buskers are welcome in the region, but before performing, buskers should contact council's main office and speak with the Environmental Health Officer to acquire a permit (07) 4658 4111

Can I set up a stall on the main street of Longreach (Eagle Street) footpath to fundraise?

Yes, fundraising stalls can be set up in the main street of Longreach, and in the main streets of other towns in the region, but stall holders must first contact council and acquire a permit.

Can I pay my rates / debtor account by Bpay direct deposit or by credit card over the phone?

Yes, you can choose to pay rates / debtor account by direct deposit, Bpay or by credit card – in person or over the phone. Visit this LINK for more information.

Where is the Longreach Regional Council Depot?

The LRC Depot is located on Kite Street.

See the Maps section of our website for directions.

Where are the Longreach Showgrounds?

The Longreach Showgrounds are located on the corner of Sandpiper and Kite Streets. See the Maps section of our website for directions.

How do I get a water metre / water connection to my property?

To have water and/or sewerage connected to a property in the Longreach Region contact council on (07) 4658 4111. You will be directed to the appropriate council business area.

Who can I report a leaking water metre or broken water pipe to?

Any leaking water metres or broken water pipes should be reported promptly to the main office of Longreach Regional Council (07) 4658 4111. You may find it helpful to use the ‘snap, send, solve' app for this purpose.

When and where can I visit a library in the Longreach Region?

There is are library services in Longreach, Ilfracombe and Isisford. Visitors can be issued with a special ‘visitor library card' and resources can be shared throughout the region. For locations and opening times visit this page.

Does Council provide photocopying, faxing and scanning services?

Council does provide a limited photocopying service for a fee. They do not offer a fax or scanning service to the public.

How do I organise a funeral in the Longreach Region?

Longreach Regional Council can assist you in organising a funeral in the region. Visit our cemeteries and funerals page for more information or contact council on (07) 4658 4111.

Can I pre-pay for my funeral?

It is possible to pre-pay for a funeral. Contact council to speak with the funeral director for more information (07) 4658 4111.

How can I locate a grave at one of the cemeteries in the Longreach Region?

Council has a list of gravesites and for a fee, can provide a cemetery extract. If the gravesite is historical, one of the historical societies in the region may be able to help with locating the site and providing further information. A good start is the Longreach Archival and Historical Group – (07) 4658 2104 or (07) 4658 3049.