Mission Statement Mission Statement

Our Vision for the Longreach Region

The three pillars of the Longreach Region's prosperity are the agriculture and tourism sectors together with the region's appeal as a destination of choice for outback living.  The residents of the Longreach Region are proud of their communities and passionate about their future.  This is reflected in our vision for the Longreach Region as outlined in the recently adopted Corporate Plan 2017-2027.  Council's vision is:

The communities of the Longreach Region, with their individual identities and a proud heritage, will be characterised by their cohesive and inclusive nature, making the region a location of choice for business investment and outback living.

Reaching a population of 5,500 by 2027, the Longreach Region will be characterised by strong communtiies and a vibrant economy driven by skills and innovation in a diversity of traditional and new industries.  

Mission for the Council

Longreach Regional Council's mission sets out the purpose of our organisation and demonstrates how we will achieve the Vision.

Council's Mission is to deliver decisive leadership in making locally-responsive, informed and responsible decisions, providing the highest-quality services and facilities to all communities of the Longreach Region.

Our Values

Our values govern the actions of Council and how it serves the communities of Ilfracombe, Isisford, Longreach and Yaraka.  Our eight core values are:

  1. A Safe and Healthy Work Environment
  2. Inclusiveness and Respect
  3. Consistency and Fairness
  4. Teamwork and Staff Development
  5. Performance and Value for Money
  6. Leadership and Collaboration
  7. Sustainability
  8. Forward-looking