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Mission Statement Mission Statement

Our Vision for the Longreach Region

Our vision aims to unite our region by recognising our past, valuing what we have now and also focusing on the future.

Council's vision is as follows:
Enhance status as a major regional centre through cohesive and inclusive communities.

Mission for the Council

The mission sets out the purpose of our organisation and demonstrates how we will achieve the community Vision.

  • Provide decisive leadership
  • Provide sustainable best practice service delivery and
  • Partner with our community to make responsible decisions.

Our Values

Key values will govern our actions as a Council. Our values are: We believe in strong leadership. This is achieved by:

  • Working as a team
  • Valuing the people of our communities
  • Being responsible, proactive and positive
  • Valuing our integrity
  • Being accountable for our decisions
  • Respecting other's point of view.