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Longreach Regional Council has declared May its official Health & Wellbeing Month and is promoting health and wellbeing in the community with a full calendar of activities.

Council’s Health & Wellbeing Month boasts over 30 events and activities including Yoga, Hydrotherapy, Tennis, Golf, Walking and much more. In addition to sports and physical activities, the program offers events designed to improve mental health, such as breakfasts, reading groups, arts and crafts activities and morning teas.

Longreach Regional Council Mayor Ed Warren stressed the importance of staying healthy both physically and mentally.

“This is something I care personally about, given my background in health, and I’m delighted that it’s something we as a Council are choosing to promote.

“Hopefully by offering all these activities over the course of an entire month, it will help people discover new ways of addressing both their physical and mental wellbeing.”

The program is being presented in conjunction with North and West Remote Health (NWRH). For more information visit or contact Jacquettaa Arnold on 4658 4143.