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Mayor wants help to sniff out unregistered dogs

Mayor Ed Warren is urging residents to register and microchip their pets to avoid heavy fines as Longreach Regional Council prepares to crack down on irresponsible pet owners in our communities.

The Mayor said while animal registration is mandated under local laws, few people realise that microchipping is compulsory according to state law. 

“There’s simply no excuse” he told reporters. “Either you care about your pets or you don’t. When you take on a pet, you’re taking on a responsibility.”

Under Sate and Local Law, dogs must be registered and microchipped after 3 months of age, with a current registration tag affixed to a collar at all times. In addition, a permit is required if owners have more than 2 dogs or want to keep a dog in a multiple dwelling.

Mayor Warren said Council believes the number of registered dogs was only a fraction of what exists in the community. “After our latest registration renewal period Council only has approximately 300 registered dogs on our books” he explained. “That’s out of what we estimate should be about 1600 in the region.”

Cr Warren also said unsecured dogs are posing a safety concern.

“The number of dogs wandering at large on our streets is unacceptable. There are people afraid to go for a walk in their neighbourhood for fear of being bitten by a wandering dog. Some owners are ignoring the rules and our community deserves better.”

Council says it has approved the Local Laws Department to pursue low registration numbers and improve compliance with local laws.

“We’ve empowered our Local Laws Officers so that when they see a dog in your yard, they can instantly check against our system to see if it’s registered at your address. If it isn’t, they can issue a fine on the spot.”

The Mayor is appealing to all pet owners to make themselves familiar with the rules that apply to them.

“All of Council’s Local Laws are published on our website” he said. “But if you’re still not sure what applies to your situation, just give us a call and we can help you out. We’re here to help you so that you don’t end up with a fine or infringement notice.”

For more information on dog registration and Local Laws, contact Council on (07) 4658 4111