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Region’s road network electronically surveyed to improve maintenance

In a joint initiative of the Queensland Government and Longreach Regional Council, the region’s road network has been electronically surveyed and assessed to accurately inform road renewal programs, and ultimately deliver safer roads. 

Longreach Regional Council engaged engineering firm Shepherd Services to survey and assess the current condition of the region’s 2,750 kilometre road network. Using their own RACAS (Road Asset Condition Assessment System) technology, Shepherd Services inspected both sealed and unsealed roads from February to April this year.  

The vehicle mounted RACAS captures high definition images, GPS and roughness data to electronically produce a condition rating of the road. This data is then assessed and modelled to produce accurate renewal programs and budgets to assist Council build its Five Year Works Program. 

Mayor Ed Warren said the survey would make it easier to maintain the region’s roads.

“This project gives Council a true picture of the condition of its road network. It helps us know where, when and how often the network needs to be maintained in order to keep our roads safe and drivable.

“It takes some of the guesswork out of our renewal programs and ensures we get the best value for money from our ongoing investment in road maintenance.”

He also acknowledged the support of the Queensland Government in making the project possible. 

“This is the sort of project that delivers benefits to everyone – I think the government sees that and it’s why they get involved.”