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Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in Queensland for children under five, and compliant pool fencing, along with active supervision and learning to swim, can save lives.

From 1 December 2015, all regulated Queensland swimming pools are required to meet the single swimming pool barrier standard, which has been phased in over the past five years.

Information is available on the Queensland Building and Construction Commission website – http://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/home-building-owners/pool-safety/overview – to help home owners to assess their pools for compliance. Pool owners can also check the website to ensure their pool is registered. 

The single standard is designed to increase pool safety and simplify pool safety laws, which previously included 11 different safety standards.

The single standard covers such things as the height and strength of barriers, mandatory non-climbable areas, gate-latching requirements and preventing direct access from a building into a pool area.

The standard applies to new and existing pools in houses, unit complexes, hotels, motels, backpacker accommodation, caravan parks and mobile van parks.

It is the responsibility of all pool owners to ensure their pools comply with the standard by 1 December, or earlier if the property is sold or leased.

For non-compliance with the pool safety standard, there is an on-the-spot fine of $824.60 for individuals and $2,356 for companies. The maximum penalty a court can impose is $19,437.

Penalties for failing to register a pool include an on-the-spot fine of $235.60 for individuals or $706.80 for companies. The court can impose a maximum penalty of $2,356. Pool owners were required to register their pools by November 2011. 

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Contact: For all enquiries, contact Council on (07) 4658 4111 or email assist@longreach.qld.gov.au


Pools and Pool Safety Laws

With the hot weather well and truly upon us, Longreach Regional Council is urging pool owners to adhere to Pool safety laws.  Pool safety laws are necessary to keep young children safe and save lives.  Owners of regulated pools in Queensland must ensure their pool barrier complies with the pool safety standard.  If your portable pool or spa can hold at least 300mm of water, then the pool safety laws apply.

All pools in Queensland must be registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC).  To list your pool on the pool safety register, visit qbcc.qld.gov.au.

A pool safety certificate, issued by a licenced pool safety inspector, is required when selling or leasing a property with a pool.  If leasing your home, a pool safety certificate must be obtained before entering a lease. 

Longreach Regional Council has a licensed Pool Safety Inspector, who will be able to assist with any pool enquiries and can conduct pool safety inspections.  Contact Council on (07) 4658 4111 to arrange an inspection.

For more information and helpful pool compliance checklists visit the QBCC website.

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