Rural Lands Rural Lands

Longreach Regional Council is committed to working with landholders and the relevant state and federal government departments, to ensure the health and sustainability of agricultural lands in the region.

Property pest management

Council offers incentives for landholders who develop a plan for the management of pest plants and animals on their property. Download a property pest management plan guide. More details are available by contacting council and speaking with the Local Laws Officer. Contact (07) 4658 4111.

Council has also developed a Pest Management Plan for the Longreach Region. The plan is available from the council office or by downloading here. The Local Laws team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Stock routes & reserves

The Longreach Regional Council has an endorsed Stock Route Management Plan. This plan covers items including mapping of stock routes, pest issues, water facilities, etc. The plan is available for download here. A map of the Stock Routes in the region is available here.

Permits are required for agisting stock on Council reserves (Including the town commons) and for travelling stock along stock routes within the Shire.

Agistment Fees and Travelling Stock Permit Fees are set by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines. Application forms can be accessed on their website at

Town Commons

Council has completed a Town Common Management Plan – addressing issues including weeds/pest animals, fencing, camping, mapping and education. The plan is available from the council office or by download.

For more information on agistment of animals on a town common in the Longreach Region, contact the relevant council office. Appropriate forms and fees must be returned to council before an animal is placed on common land. Contact:

Longreach – (07) 4658 4111

Ilfracombe - (07) 4652 5400

Isisford/Yaraka - (07) 4658 8900