Saleyards Saleyards

The Longreach Saleyards are an important economic driver in the region, with an annual turnover of a million dollars. Weekly cattle sales are held on Wednesdays, weather permitting, and the facility can comfortably hold more than five thousand head of cattle.

Saleyards staff take their animal welfare responsibilities very seriously and comply with current industry standards. Stock are provided with adequate space and access to clean water at all times. Recent infrastructure upgrades include rounded-edge rails.

The Saleyards are located 10kms west of Longreach on the Cramsie/Muttaburra Road and facilities and services include:

  • On-site manager
  • Amenities block - canteen, decking, male/female/disabled toilets
  • Animal Disposal Pit
  • Truck wash-down facility – charge applies
  • NLIS facilities
  • 2 double deck loading ramps
  • 1 single loading ramp
  • Vet crush
  • Separate race for head bail
  • Scales
  • 4 large drafts
  • 1 smaller draft
  • Access to water yards for emergency unloading


Greg Patterson

Longreach Saleyards Supervisor

Phone: 0428 582 034