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Isisford Boiled Water Alert

Published: 19th January 2021

Longreach Regional Council wishes to advise that regular monitoring of the Isisford Treated River Water Supply has detected a high level of Turbidity (cloudiness) in the water supply from the Isisford Water Treatment Plant into the reticulation mains.

This is generally not harmful but it indicates that the water may be insufficiently treated. 

As a precaution, Council is advising town residents to use cooled, boiled water for drinking, cooking, washing raw foods, making ice and cleaning teeth.

It is important when boiling water that it is brought to a rolling boil for three minutes.  Water boiled in a kettle or jug is an insufficient precaution.

Council is currently making necessary adjustments at the water treatment plant and can assure the public that the town water is being fully treated.  Council is also flushing its water mains to ensure that any inadequately treated water is not supplied to residents’ homes.  We expect to be able to lift this alert after further laboratory testing confirms that the water Turbidity meets Australian guidelines.

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