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Council’s FY2021-22 Annual Report reveals positive results

Published: 30th November 2022

Longreach Regional Council has published its 2022 Annual Report, including its audited financial statements, revealing progress towards achieving its strategic and operational goals.

The Annual Report details the organisation’s results as measured against its 2022 Annual Operational Plan, with each of Council’s directorates and work areas represented. Mayor Tony Rayner said the organisation had performed well against its operational plan, in the face of some challenges.

“When you look back at the past year, it’s clear that businesses everywhere have staffing challenges, and Council is no different, carrying increased vacancies during the reporting period. Luckily, our team has done a great job keeping the organisation on track.

“Some strategic actions have been carried forward into the 2022-23 year, which is understandable, but most operational measures have been met or exceeded. That’s an impressive achievement given the pressures placed on our team.”

The Mayor said the Annual Report showed that Council was performing well financially, posting a $4.4m positive net result for the year and ending the year with a cash balance of $34m.

“It’s great to see us achieving good financial results as well as delivering for the community. The work of our Chief Financial Officer has made a real impact on our financial governance and decision making. We finished the financial year with a healthy cash balance and few liabilities, so Council is in a good financial position, although we still rely on federal and state government grants for 54% of our income to meet the community needs.”

In addition to statutory measures, the Council’s Annual Report also highlights the wide range of services and programs delivered by the organisation. Included is information about Council’s activities in relation to roads, community development, arts and library programs, planning and development, water services, fleet, animal management, visitor services, safety, procurement, and more.

Council is a major employer in the community with $15.7m in employee costs and employing 177 people. Mayor Rayner said the report was one that staff and community should be proud of.

“This report is a good read for anyone who wants to understand the work that we do on behalf of our community. There’s lots of good news in here, from the community services that we’ve delivered, to the encouraging amount of development applications we’ve processed, to the work of our crews upgrading our roads and water infrastructure.

“Council touches on every aspect of life in our community, and this report clearly demonstrates that.” 

The Longreach Regional Council 2021-22 Annual Report is now publicly available via the Council website, at Council libraries and service centres.

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