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Free-to-air television returns to Isisford

Published: 26th February 2019

Specialist contractors took about four days to install and configure new broadcast equipment on top of the water tower; replacing transmission equipment made obsolete in 2013 when analogue signal was switched-off permanently. The move means residents and visitors in Isisford no longer require a VAST satellite decoder box to view free-to-air channels.

Mayor Ed Warren said the service would improve the livability of the town. 

“Livability is one of the three pillars of our economic plan. Our unique lifestyle actually has a lot of potential as an economic influencer. The more liveable we make our communities the better. 

“Projects like this are really important in achieving those goals.”

He said it was satisfying to deliver on the commitment.

“The community in Isisford has been asking for this for some time. I’m really glad we were able to accommodate it in this year’s budget. It just goes to show how important community consultations are.”

Council’s Isisford Branch Manager, Sally Edwards, said while the community would welcome the service, it would also benefit visitors.

“A lot of our visitors who arrive in their caravans don’t have a VAST box, so they’ve been missing out while they’re here. Now they can just tune their televisions to enjoy full coverage during their stay.”

Anyone with a digital television and an antenna is now able to access the new terrestrial free-to-air service. Residents with an existing VAST decoder box are still able to access the satellite service.

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