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Longreach launches landing-page for locals

Published: 27th March 2020

Longreach Regional Council has established an online portal to collate local information relating to COVID-19.

Chief Executive Officer, Mitchell Murphy, says with state and federal authorities taking the lead on communications about the pandemic, there is a need for someone to step in and aggregate relevant information at a local level.

“It’s important to have one source of truth when it comes to public health information” he told reporters. “But the impact to communities is much broader than just health, so there is a need to bring together all the other information that’s coming in from different sources.

“Information has been coming in fast from all different directions, so we feel obliged to take a leadership position in bringing it together somewhere where locals can find it.”

The portal will host information relating to Council Services, Community Response, and Financial/Business Support. It will also have links to official public health information.

He said keeping track of community response was an almost impossible task.

“The information we have at any given time is only as good as what people have shared with us. We’re doing our best to reach out but if there’s anything we’re missing we need the community to let us know.”

Community groups are encouraged to share what they’re doing in response to the pandemic via a special email: covid@longreach.qld.gov.au.

The new online portal will be continuously updated and can be found at longreach.qld.gov.au/covid.




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