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Tenders & Quotes

The quotation and tender processes are both used to obtain written offers from suppliers for the supply of goods and services. Longreach Regional Council utilises Local Buy Pty Ltd's tender administration website, LG Tenderbox.  It is beneficial for companies to be registered with LG Tenderbox as it allows them to recieve notifications for tenders in other regions and Council jurisdictions. If you have any further enquiries, or any problems registering for LG Tenderbox, please do not hesitate to contact Longreach Regional Councils Procurement Officer on 07 4658 4111.

VendorPanel Marketplace

Engaging our Local Suppliers

Council is introducing a new e-Procurement process in July 2018, designed to boost the local economy and drive business to local suppliers.

VendorPanel Marketplace will be used by Council employees when there is no preferred or pre-qualified supplier arrangement in place and where the intended expenditure is below $200,000 (inclusive of GST). At the heart of this solution, Council is trying to make it easier to engage with local suppliers and the open market, giving small to medium enterprises better access to Council opportunities and increase governance and transparency in our quotation process.

This new e-Procurement system is an opportunity for businesses in the open market to have their goods and services seen by Council, it’s free for suppliers to register and is easy to use.

Suppliers can register by visiting the VendorPanel Marketplace website and following the simple 5 step process.

For more information on the VendorPanel Marketplace system please contact Council's Procurement Officer on 07 4658 4192 or the VendorPanel support team on 03 9095 6181.

Current Tenders

Tender Name Closing Date
Construction of Water Mains Upgrades 2pm Friday 19 July 2019
Abandoned Vehicles 5pm Friday 26 July 2019

Contracts over $200 000

Pursuant to section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council must, as soon as practicable after entering a contract worth $200,000 or more (exclusive of GST), publish the relevant details on its website and display the relevant details at the Council's public office.


Ref: Contractor Date of Contract Value (Ex GST) Purpose
CEO4509 Xylem Water Solutions 20/11/2018 $406,318.00 Rental of Reverse osmosis Plant – Ilfracombe Desalination Plant
CEO4117 Xylem Water Solutions 23/10/2018 $756,861.49 Purchase & Installation of Ilfracombe Desalination/Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant
CEO6171 Hastings Deering (AUST) Ltd 25/3/2019 $344,608 Supply & Delivery of one (1) x 140M CAT Grader
CEO4728 DM & DS Price 03/12/2018 $200,514.60 2018-2019 NDRRA Flood Damage - Project Management
CEO8157 Abyss Demolition PTY LTD 27/8/2019 $393,105.38 Lyceum Hotel Longreach - Demolitions Works
TBC Newlands Civil Construction 15/08/2019 $1,268,470.56 Longreach Water Main Replacement Project