Tenders and Quotes Tenders and Quotes

The quotation and tender processes are both used to obtain written offers from suppliers for the supply of goods and services. Longreach Regional Council utilises Local Buy Pty Ltd's tender administration website, LG Tenderbox.  It is beneficial for companies to be registered with LG Tenderbox as it allows them to recieve notifications for tenders in other regions and Council jurisdictions. If you have any further enquiries, or any problems registering for LG Tenderbox, please do not hesitate to contact Longreach Regional Councils Procurement Officer on 07 4658 4111.

Current Tenders Current Tenders

Tender Name Closing Date
LRC006810 - Emu Street Covered Carpark 12:00pm Friday 15 September 2017
LRC006806 Sewer Relining - Outback Regional Water Alliance 11:00am Saturday 16 September 2017


Contracts over $200,000 Contracts over $200,000

Pursuant to section 237 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Council must, as soon as practicable after entering a contract worth $200,000 or more (exclusive of GST), publish the relevant details on its website and display the relevant details at the Council's public office.

Details of contracts are as follows:



Date of Contract

Value (Ex GST)



Volvo Commercial Vehicles



Supply and Delivery of 1 x UD Body Truck for Council Fleet.


Road Surfaces Group



Supply, Cart, Heat and Spray Polymer Modified Bitumen for DTMR Reseals.

305041 Champion Contracting 23/09/2015 $387,534.72 Supply of Pre-Coated Aggregate for DTMR Reseals.
305047 Hastings Deering 24/09/2015 $466,862.00 Supply and Delivery of 1 x Caterpillar 140M GC Motor Grader
305046 Volvo Group Australia  24/09/2015 $400,620.99 Supply and Delivery of 2 x Nissan UD Body Trucks for Council Fleet.
305045 Hi-Way 1 Truck Centre 24/09/2015 $330,178.20 Supply and Delivery of 1 x Western Star Prime Mover for Council Fleet.
305062 Central Highlands Toyota 25/11/2015 $376,596.96 Supply and Delivery of 7 x Toyota Utilities for Council Fleet.
305063 Parry Nissan NQ 26/11/2015 $773,261.50 Supply and Delivery of 17 x Nissan Navara Utilities for Council Fleet.
900493 Complete Pipeline Services 12/02/2016 $290,302.93 CCTV Inspection and Sewer Cleaning Services.
900514 InsituForm Pacific 09/05/2016 $557,123.29 Design and Construct Sewer Relining.
209558 ProTerra Group 25/06/2016 $237,640.60 Management of the Longreach Waste Facility.
41001 Black Truck Sales 26/10/2016 $323,586.01 Supply and Delivery of 7 x Isuzu D-Max Utilities for Council Fleet.
21133 Road Surfaces Group 15/11/2016 $266,815.72 Supply, Cart, Heat and Spray Polymer Modified Bitumen for DTMR Reseals.
40048 Hastings Deering 24/02/2017 $422,950.00 Supply and Delivery of 1 x Caterpillar Grader.