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Economic Development & Tourism

Economic Development Strategy

Council is committed to playing its part in the economic stability and growth of the region. Outback Prosperity 2021: Longreach Region Economic Development Strategy provides the framework and directions for economic development within the Longreach local government area. The focus is on actions that can be achieved over the next 5 years. The Strategy addresses the range of issues, challenges and opportunities for sustainable economic development in the region that have been determined through an extensive process of targeted research, consultation, engagement and analysis.

Outback Prosperity 2021 will be led by Longreach Regional Council in partnership with the Queensland Government, Commonwealth Government, regional development bodies such as the Central Western Queensland Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD), business and industry and other supporting partners across the region. Leveraging collaborative partnerships, Outback Prosperity 2021 focuses on the ‘enablers’ of economic development. By identifying and articulating the enablers and attributes which support the region’s economic development – critical infrastructure, community services and facilities, local and regional planning frameworks and partnerships - Longreach Regional Council, through the Economic Development Strategy, can influence the potential of the region and its appeal as a place to visit, to invest in and in which to work and live. This ideal is encapsulated the Longreach Region Economic Development Vision.

The three main themes highlighted from the Strategy are:

  1. Facilitate Farming Resurgence and Build Resilience in Agriculture
  2. Develop and Promote the Longreach Region’s Tourism Offer.
  3. Establish Longreach as a Region of Choice for Investment, Learning and Outback Living.

Download Outback Prosperity 2021: Longreach Region Economic Development Strategy (PDF)

Investing in our Region

A more desirable future based on comparable and competitive strengths will see Longreach become widely known as a region of choice for individual entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses seeking an outback lifestyle with access to a diversity of services and facilities. Longreach will be a centre of excellence in agribusiness education and training, attracting students from within Australia and Internationally. With national recognition, Longreach will be a region choice in which to work, live and invest. Council has a key role to play to facilitate and support the process of investment and business establishment and growth, particularly in the small business sector including retail and business services. It can also facilitate business investment with readily-available information on the status of the local/regional economy, industry trends and prospects and locations for investment, including the availability of commercial and industrial land.


The iconic Longreach Region in Central Western Queensland is situated 700 kilometres from the coast, west of Rockhampton, and covers an area of 40,638 square kilometres (roughly the size of Denmark). The Region encompasses the outback townships of Longreach, Ilfracombe, Isisford, and Yaraka and the entire population is approximately 4,300 people. The main industries are cattle and sheep production and tourism. You can travel to this unique part of Queensland by road, rail or plane.

Longreach serves as the administrative centre for the Region and is home to the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame, Qantas Outback Founders Museum and Longreach Powerhouse Museum. Attractions in the outlying centres include Ilfracombe's ‘Machinery Mile', Isisford's ‘Outer Barcoo Interpretive Centre' and Yaraka's ‘Mt Slowcombe Lookout'.

The Thomson and Barcoo Rivers flow through the Region and serve not only as important environmental habitats and town water sources, but as recreation areas for locals and visitors alike. Both Longreach and Isisford hold an annual fishing competition, attracting keen anglers from across Australia, in search of the famous ‘Yellowbelly'.


REMPLAN provides comprehensive resources for government, organisations, and researchers throughout Australia. REMPLAN Economic and demographic data will support evidence-based decision making for Council. To obtain these detailed resources for your business or organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact Council’s Economic Development team to arrange an appointment to see how best this data will benefit you. Information specific to the Longreach Region about key economic indicators, population demographics, workforce characteristics, growth industries, and housing and accommodation can be located below.

Economic Profile

Our Economic Profile delivers detailed insights into our region’s economy and the industries and people that drive it.

REMPLAN Economy is a powerful suite of resources used to analyse and benchmark the industries and businesses that form our economy. Thousands of people apply REMPLAN Economy’s accurate and up-to-date resources, enabling timely evidence based decision making about where to Live, Work and Invest. REMPLAN Economy supports strategy, funding submissions, marketing and communications, investment attraction and site selection. REMPLAN’s public access profile gives a snapshot of the Longreach Region providing insights into our area for general easy-to-understand explanations, commentary and sharing features.

You can view our REMPLAN economy profile here. 

Community Profile

Our Community Profile provides comprehensive insights into the unique demographic characteristics of the people in our Region. REMPLAN Community is an industry-leading demographic resource that provides a detailed insights and analysis for local communities. Building upon Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data from 1991 – 2016, REMPLAN Community is applied by thousands of people across government and private organisations to help them understand the unique characteristics of their communities and how places are changing over time. These insights provide a powerful evidence base to guide the provision of services and infrastructure, to attract investment, inform site selection and to plan for the future

You can view our REMPLAN community profile here.


Reel-Scout is a leading film-office business platform. Their global search site LocationsHub is a content-rich location library on the web.

Check out our listing here

Longreach Regional Council prides itself on its commitment to promoting and facilitating greater access to our region's locations for commercial filming activity. The Longreach Region boasts a diverse range of film-friendly locations, from our town centres to rural landscapes - find your perfect location on our Film Longreach Locations Database here.


Longreach Regional Council takes great pride in supporting our local community and community organisations, delivering projects/events within the Longreach Regional Council area that contribute to building community and economic capacity.

A large amount of Funding, grants, and resources can be found via the Queensland Government website. These will give you the current listing of Queensland Government and Australian Government grants.

Queensland Government Grants include

  • Advancing Queensland: an age-friendly community grants program
  • Anzac Centenary Grants
  • Community Benefit Fund
  • Celebrating multicultural Queensland Grants program
  • Community road safety Grants
  • Gulf area social development Trust
  • Skilling Queenslanders for work Fund
  • We are Queensland Grants
  • Arts Grants
  • Sports Grants
  • Disability Grants


Regional Development Australia Fitzroy and Central West

Regional Development Australia Fitzroy and Central West (RDAFCW) is a partnership between the Australian, and local governments to support the growth and development of Australia’s regions.

RDAFCW provide current information and news in relation to the latest grants and funding announcements.  Check our their Funding Newsletter Archive to see a list of current grants. 


Festivals Australia

Festivals Australia supports community participation in, and access to, the arts and aims to support partnerships and collaboration across the sector.


Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR)

FRRR has a number of grants that open at different times of the year. Most of their grants are recurrent, and generally offered around the same time each year.

Their grant calendar (link below) allows you to check the current status of each program and the respective opening and closing dates. There are unique program guidelines and application forms for each FRRR program. Click on the program to find out more details about each grant, including how to apply.


Indigo Gold

Indigo Gold produce two detailed grant lists each month for Queensland businesses and organisations.

Their free General Grants Lists includes all the grants greater than $10,000. The general Grants list will provide you with the latest grants open in areas of Community, Health and Non-profit, sport, events, tourism and the arts to name a few. To receive the General Grant List automatically each month, you can subscribe via their website.

Small Grant Snippets is a subscription-only list, specially designed for non-profits and organisations. It lists grants $10,000 and under and saves you many hours searching for relevant grants. Small Grant Snippets provides information about all the additional Queensland and national grants and provides information exclusively to the subscriber and not available to recipients of the General Grant List. It is a great resource for:

  • Sporting groups, community groups and non-profit organisations
  • Local councils
  • P&Cs and schools.

If you’re a small business operator, you’ll also find it helpful to keep you up to date with government programs targeted at you.