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New Longreach library location to officially open with local literary launch

Published: 26th September 2019

The relocated Longreach library will celebrate its official opening with a book launch by first-time local author Louise Seccombe.

The library has been open in its new location since early August, and now that refurbishments have been completed Longreach Regional Council will host an official opening on Saturday 19 October. The new premises feature more technology, with the incorporation of interactive displays and teleconferencing equipment.

Bringing new technology into the space is an interactive floor, acquired thanks to funding supported by the state government. The interactive floor encourages children to stand, jump, and participate with animated displays. The multi-sensory experience can be used to encourage mobility in young and old.

Also making use of new technology is a new community meeting room featuring ‘Zoom Room’ equipment that allows users to hold online meetings and discussions with participants anywhere in the world. The online meeting room can be utilised for a wide variety of purposes including job interviews, online appointments, and collaborative group discussions. There are no costs involved and Council is encouraging the community to try out the new facility and experience it for themselves.

Council is also looking for a name for the new community meeting room and is inviting submissions from the public. Submissions with historic or cultural significance can be submitted using a form available online or from any Council office or library. Submissions close on Wednesday 9 October.

The meeting room’s new name will be announced at the official opening on the morning of Saturday 19 October. The event, starting at 9am, will feature live music, a community morning tea, and an exhibition featuring works from recent art workshops.

Adding to the occasion will be the launch of ‘Lights, Camera, Action’, a new children’s book by local author Louise Seccombe. ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ is aimed at children ages 1-4 and is all about a young boy who escapes into a world of movies each night in his sleep. 

Ms Seccombe says writing for children was something she had always wanted to do.

“I have always had these ideas for stories yet it wasn’t until I started having my own children that I started to scribble down notes and keep a record of them. I continued to think about publishing my own book for several years and eventually, I reached a point where I was sick of thinking about it and I decided to do something about it!

“My story collection continues to grow and I’m hoping that ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ will be my first, but not last, published children’s book.”

Mayor Ed Warren said the library was an important community facility. 

“We have over 4000 books in our collection, but libraries aren’t just about books anymore – they’re also about the spaces and the opportunities they create for the community. Things like support for education, access to technology, and help for local businesses and start-ups are all part of a modern library – and that’s what we want to create.

“We’re growing this facility into a modern community hub that our whole region can be proud of.”

The official opening of the new Longreach Library takes place at 9am on Saturday 19 October.

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