Environmental Health

Longreach Regional Council is committed to maintaining the health and quality of our environment. The role of the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) is to provide a professional service that will maximise environmental and public health within a community environment by preventing and resolving health and environmental-related hazards and risks.

The work of our EHO includes auditing local businesses to identify health and environmental impacts, regulating permit-holders, and monitoring and responding to health hazards and complaints, particularly in the following areas:

  • Food – cafes and restaurants, food trucks, market stalls, and footpath dining;
  • Health – asbestos, mosquitoes, and vermin;
  • Waste – illegal dumping and littering;
  • Pollution – air, noise, light and water pollution;
  • Higher Risk Personal Appearance Services – beauty, tattooing, and body piercing;
  • Other business – advertising signs, water carriers, home-based business activities and roadside (itinerant) vending.