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Community and Cultural Services

Community Grants and Sponsorship

Longreach Regional Council takes great pride in supporting individuals and community organisations, delivering projects and events within the Council area that contribute to building community and economic capacity.

Council offers assistance to eligible individuals and organisations through three community funding streams. Application packs will guide you through the process and help you determine which to apply for.

Community Donations Program

Community Donations are for in-kind services from Council or direct funding of up to $5,000 for local groups and associations planning events in the region. There are four rounds of funding each year.

Round One Two Three Four
Opens 2 March 1 May 1 July 1 October
Closes 3 April 5 June 1 September 1 December


Download the Community Donations Program Application Pack

Mayoral Donation Program

Mayoral Donations are available to help individuals who have been selected to represent the Longreach Region at state or national level events and competitions. Applications must be received by close of business on the first Friday of the month for consideration at that month’s ordinary meeting of council.

Download the Mayoral Donation Application Form

Sponsorship Program

Council Sponsorship can be for events, activities and sporting teams within the Council area. Sponsorship can take the form of in-kind or financial assistance. Applicants will need to demonstrate clear community benefits in order to qualify. As with the Mayoral Donation program, applications need to be received by close of business on the first Friday of the month.

Download the Sponsorship Application Form


Other useful links on alternative funding sources

For helpful links for writing an application for a grant, please visit:

For further information or assistance in regards to grants applications, please contact Council's Community and Youth Development Officer by email at assist@longreach.qld.gov.au or call (07) 4658 4111.

Regional Arts Development Fund

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between Longreach Regional Council and the Queensland Government that supports professional and emerging professional artists and practitioners living in regional Queensland. The program focuses on the development of quality art and arts practice for, and with, regional communities.

Council's RADF Committee consists of arts and cultural ambassadors active in the Longreach region. The Committee provides recommendations to Council and contributes to the ongoing implementation of the program.

For more information please see the Longreach Regional Arts Development Fund Website

Community and Youth Development Officer

The Community and Youth Development Officer (CYDO) is committed to the delivery, planning, development of high quality, well presented community services that meets the quality expectations of young people and the community as a whole.

Service Provision

Grants/Funding Support
Community and Youth Development Officer is committed to working with community groups and organisations, by providing assistance with grant applications, attracting funding and by promoting all funding availability through out the community.

  • Liaise and work with community groups and organisations to attract funding and / or providing support where appropriate.
  • Maintain funding levels, provide assistance with grant applications, and promote what funding is available throughout the community.

Information, Advice, and Referral
Provide general information, advice and referral in relation specific services available to young people, their families, the public, and/or specific groups:

  • Provide young people in the community with relevant information on current recreational activities and facilities
  • To build links with other youth services and work with them to develop networks inclusive educational system; and
  • Coordinate distribution of youth related information flyers and brochures using up to-date technology.

Support Service (case management)

  • Undertaking comprehensive needs and strengths assessment with young people
  • Developing support plans with young people which aim to strengthen the structures around them and develop their own capacities
  • Co-ordinating and participating in integrated responses to young people
  • Participating in inter-agency case review meetings as required 
  • Working with other agencies to improve local service delivery

Events and Programs
The CYDO delivers and supports a variety of activities which focus on personal, cultural and social development of young people. Major annual events and programs include:

  • National Youth Week
  • GenWest Workshops and Youth Festival
  • NAIDOC Week
  • Longreach Regional Council School Holiday Programs 
  • Life Skills Programs

To make an appointment with the Community and Youth Development Officer, contact Council:

Office hours: 8.00am - 5.00pm (Mon-Fri)
Phone: (07) 4658 4111
Email: assist@longreach.qld.gov.au
PO Box 144 Ilfracombe QLD 4727