Youth Council

Meet our Youth Councillors

  • Youth Mayor: Jozette

    Jozette is passionate about making a difference in her community, particularly for young people. Her ideas and energy to create additional options and opportunities for the youth can contribute significantly to the well-being and development of the community.
    She is also quite active in the sporting sector of the community as she is part of many different sports clubs, both as a participant and volunteer. Family and family traditions are what is important to her.

  • Youth Deputy Mayor: Christian

    Christian enjoys playing video games, dungeons and dragons, and Sudoku.
    A couple of issues he has identified that impact the youth of the region is the lack of extra-curricular activities, and the social media addiction. He is motivated to be part of the youth council to have the ability to have a voice to make a difference for the youth of the community.

  • Jackarra

    Jackarra is quite active in the sporting sector of the community as she is part of many different sports clubs, both as a participant and volunteer. She also enjoys time spent with family and friends, water-skiing and socialising.

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family and friends, she is an active community volunteer, she is currently the vice president of the Flyers Ball and the Secretary for the Longreach Show society.
    For Elizabeth the top issues she sees impacting the youth of the region is the lack of activities or events available after school and school holidays, as well as the lack of employment opportunities for school leavers and career progression.
    Her motivation to join the youth council is to have a positive impact on the community while advocating for youth issues.

  • Mahalia

    Outside of school Mahalia enjoys painting, ready and walking. One of the issues she feels impacts young people in the region is the lack of entertainment and opportunities for our youth, this has been a big motivating factor in joining the youth council.

  • Leigh

    Leigh enjoys computer games, visiting the skate park, and other parks and spaces around Longreach and being with friends.
    The limited activities available to youth and the absence of a dedicated youth centre for the youth to get together in a safe space to spend time and hang out with friends is one of the things Leigh identifies as an issues for the youth of the community, these factors are what motivated Leigh to be part of the youth council to be more engaged in the community and help make some changes for the better.

Youth Council meeting minutes

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Applications for 2025 Youth Council will open soon

What is the Longreach Regional Council Youth Council (LRCYC)?

Longreach Regional Council Youth Council is a diverse committee of young people who represent the voice of youth who live, work and/or study in the region.

LRCYC will help develop and deliver projects and campaigns, and advocate for young people in Longreach Region. They also function as an advisory group for Council by:

  • Providing a means for youth to engage with different people, gather feedback, and suggest innovations to the Longreach Regional Council, other levels of government and the community
  • Identifying key issues relating to young people in the Longreach Region and actively participating in the development of strategies to address these
  • Raising the profile of young people in Longreach and shining a light on their valuable contribution to our communities
  • Maintaining inclusive and representative membership of the Youth Council, which encourages and supports the participation of young people with a broad range of life experiences and further aspirations
  • Providing the opportunity for young people to experience civic decision-making processes and supporting their own active participation in these processes.‍

What are the benefits of being involved?

Youth Council participants will develop skills in areas such as advocacy, project management, cultural competency, media and communications, and have other unique opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

  • Play a role in improving life for young people in the Longreach Regional Council area
  • The chance to work with key decision-makers in the community
  • The opportunity to develop and deliver projects decided by LRCYC
  • Engaging with and networking with other like-minded young people
  • Having fun and enjoying the challenge!‍

Who can join Longreach Regional Council Youth Council?

If you live anywhere in Longreach Regional Council area, are between 14 - 25 years old, and are passionate about improving the quality of life for young people in our communities, then we would welcome an application from you.

All applications are welcome, and as part of our commitment to building a diverse, multicultural and inclusive group of local youth, we actively encourage applications from young people who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, as well as those living with a disability; are culturally, religiously and linguistically diverse; who identify with the LGBTIQ community; who are part time or full time secondary or tertiary students; employed or unemployed; parents and people with a broad range of interests.

Successful applicants are appointed for a one-year term. Youth Mayor and other leadership roles are elected following the induction process.

How to apply