Complaint Management System

Our Customer Service Charter

Our Customer Service Charter sets out Council's service level targets and explains what you - as our customer - can do if we have not delivered a service to that level.

The Charter reflects our commitment to making sure that doing business with us is a positive experience. It has been developed to build and enhance relationships and partnerships with our community and customers, and to enable a system for continuous improvement of our services.

Download our Customer Service Charter

Administrative Action Complaints

Council has in place a formal "administrative action complaints process”, which provides customers with the opportunity to request a review of administrative decisions made by Council officers or Council where there are no other formal appeal provisions available under legislation or within Council. An administrative action may include a decision, or a failure to make a decision, a failure to provide a written statement of reasons for a decision, an act, a failure to do an act, the formulation of a proposal or intention, or the making of a recommendation.

This complaints process is not about raising a "request for service", these should be made directly to Council’s customer service team.

Administrative matters relate to the actions or decisions made by council administration, but do not include:

  • Requests for information
  • Requests for service (where you want Council to take action in relation to a service or product provided by Council eg, barking dog, leaking water pipe, pot hole, road maintenance, etc)
  • Suggestions, enquiries or petitions
  • Comments submitted during formal consultation or negotiation processes
  • Councillor conduct

Section 268(2) of the Local Government Act 2009 defines an ‘administrative action complaint’ as a complaint that:

(a) Is about an administrative action of a local government, including the following, for example –

  1. A decision, or a failure to make a decision, including a failure to provide a written statement of reasons for a decision;
  2. An act, or failure to do an act;
  3. The formulation of a proposal or intention;
  4. The making of a recommendation; and

(b) Is made by an affected person.

To read more about Council's Administrative Action Complaints Process download our Administrative Action Complaints fact sheet (PDF)

Other Important Information

Administrative Action Complaints Process Policy (PDF)
Complaint Form (PDF)