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Community Funding

Longreach Regional Council takes great pride in supporting individuals and community organisations, delivering projects and events within the Council area that contribute to building community and economic capacity.

Council offers assistance to eligible individuals and organisations through three community funding streams. Application packs and policies will guide you through the process and help you determine which to apply for.

COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Grants Program

The proposed COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Grants Program is new program whereby community and non for profit groups can access funds to support potential financial hardship faced as a result of the COVID-19 impacts. The program is aimed at providing targeted funding that groups can use for operational purposes in an attempt to continue functioning within the community. 

The COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Grants Guidelines will provide a transparent, equitable and accountable framework for the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Grant Program. 

Grants up to $3,000 will be available to support eligible community organisations with operational funding who have been impacted by COVID-19.

In order to submit an application under the Relief and Recovery Grants Program, the applicant must be:

  • A community organisation, group or club that is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation; and
  • Must be able to demonstrate a loss of income that exceeds $3,000 for the year OR have less than $20,000 worth of cash funds available.

Applications will be assessed in accordance with the eligibility and supporting documentation. Council will reserve the right to offer applicants a smaller grant than that requested.

Funding Rounds

The funding will be available until the end of the 20/21 financial year or until the allocation is exhausted. Funding will be available to cover expenses incurred from a non for profit organisation from 1 March 2020 to 30 June 2021.

To assist you with your submission, see how we assess applications by viewing the program's Assessment Form and Acquittal Form.

Download the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Grants Application Pack


Community Donations Program

Community Donations are for in-kind services from Council or direct funding of up to $5,000 for local groups and associations planning events in the region.

Funding Rounds

Round One Two Three Four
Opens 13 July 2020 5 October 2020  1 February 2020 5 April 2020
Closes 10 August 2020 2 November 2020 1 March 2020 3 May 2020

To assist you with your submission, see how we assess applications by viewing our Community Donations Assessment Form and our Community Donations Acquittal Form.

Download the Community Donations application pack

Mayoral Donation Program

The Mayoral Donation Program supports community individuals, organisations, and/or clubs that have been selected to pursue achievements in their chosen area of expertise; this may include, but is not limited to significant sports and recreation, arts, cultural and academic endeavours.

Applications must be received by close of business on the first Friday of the month for consideration at that month’s ordinary meeting of Council.

Download the Mayoral Donation Application Form

Sponsorship Program

Our sponsorship program aims to provide a transparent, equitable, and accountable framework for sponsorship of groups, organisations, or individuals seeking to deliver projects, activities, or events that:

•    Benefit the Longreach region communities and meet Council’s strategic objectives; 
•    Further develop the range of existing events and activities in-region to maximise the economic and social benefits; 
•    Are otherwise considered strategically important, with a focus on the development of long term sustainable partnerships; and 
•    Facilitate commercial activity and the generation of loyalty and goodwill, by extension of industry standards and commercial sponsorship initiatives, under appropriate accountability conditions. 

Applications must be received by close of business first Friday of the month for consideration at that month’s ordinary meeting of Council.

Download the Sponsorship Application Form

Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between Longreach Regional Council and the Queensland Government that supports professional and emerging professional artists and practitioners living in regional Queensland. The program focuses on the development of quality art and arts practice for, and with, regional communities.

Find out more about RADF here...