Annual Kerbside Bulk Rubbish Collection

In previous years, Council has conducted one annual kerbside collection program for the pickup of bulky waste and items from residences throughout the region. With the recent organisational re-structure, the kerbside collection has been re-assigned to the Regulatory Services department. In order to best provide a bulky waste disposal service, we are seeking the community’s input via a brief survey. The responses from the survey will help us with the planning of the service, assist with meeting the community’s needs, and identify improvements. Paper versions of the survey will be available at the Council offices and libraries.

Complete Survey

Kerbside Collections

Longreach Regional Council will confirm the date of the next kerbside collection once finalised. In the mean time please utilise the local Waste Disposal Facilitie which are free to access for our residents.

Kerbside map web

The zones and dates for collection are as follows:

Longreach - Zone 1 North of the highway
Longreach - Zone 2 West of Eagle St. (including Cramsie Estates)
Longreach - Zone 3 Eagle St. to Falcon St.
Longreach - Zone 4 East of Falcon St.
    • Tree, shrub cuttings & palm fronds – cut into 1m lengths for safe handling
    • Leaves & grass/lawn clippings – must be in plastic bags (for aged/disabled pensioners only)
    • Stoves, washing machines & other domestic goods (Must be easily carried by 2 people)
    • Items no larger than 2m long, 1m high & 1m wide
    • Excessive waste- 2 men must be able to load your waste within 5 minutes
    • Your load will not be collected if larger than 2m long, 1m high & 1m wide
    • Gas cylinders, fire extinguishers & any commercial wastes
    • Hazardous wastes: chemicals, waste with sharp edges or that may cause injury
    • Household waste that would normally go in your wheelie bin
    • Refrigerators, air conditioners & freezers
    • Regulated wastes such as asbestos, lead-based paints, used oil, tyres, batteries
    • Leaves & grass/lawn clippings

For assistance in removing large, bulky and heavy items from your property (including car bodies) please complete our Indemnity Form below.

Download our Indemnity Form

For more information, please contact our Regulatory Services Team on (07) 4658 4111.