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Wheelie Bins

Council will supply and empty one 240 litre wheelie bin from the kerbside in front of each property in the defined waste collection area based on the collection schedule.

Additional bins are available from Council at a cost of $133.90. Only rubbish in the Council-provided bins will be collected.

Broken Wheelie Bins

Sometimes accidents happen!

If your wheelie bin is broken due to fair wear & tear or has been broken in the rubbish collection process, please contact Council so that we can arrange a replacement.

Charges may apply for damage beyond fair wear and tear.

Include name, address, phone, email and option to add a photo of damage, select box option that bin will be left out on kerb to repair/replace.

Note – it may take up to 5 business days to process a new/replacement wheelie bin request.

Wheelie Bins – Prohibited Items

The following items are strictly not permitted to be disposed of in Wheelie Bins. Any damage as a result of disposing prohibited items may result in replacement charges.

  • hot ashes
  • unwrapped vacuum dust
  • liquids
  • syringesoils
  • paints and solvents
  • timber and building materials