Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

Connecting Council and Community

Our Mission

Delivering excellent service

Values form the basis of our culture

They add meaning to work and they provide a basis for consistent planning and decision making across the organisation. The desired values and behaviours that every employee of Longreach Regional Council is expected to demonstrate in their daily activities, in the way they behave and in the way they make decisions are:

  1. A Safe and Healthy Work Environment
    Longreach Regional Council is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees, contractors, sub-contractors, visitors and volunteers.
  2. Inclusiveness and Respect
    We will show respect for all and continually engage with and listen to the people of our communities. We value the diversity of our region and we embrace and respect our rich outback and Indigenous heritage.
  3. Consistency and Fairness
    As a Council, we are balanced, fair, honest, transparent and accountable for our decisions and our actions.
  4. Teamwork and Staff Development
    We encourage initiative and collaboration by staff who are committed to teamwork, and we value continual professional development and learning across the organisation.
  5. Performance and Value for Money
    We are focused on results that are consistent with our mission and which realise our vision. We will achieve value for our communities through innovation, informed decision-making and efficient work practices.
  6. Leadership and Collaboration
    We will always demonstrate high standards of leadership in collaborating with the communities of our region, to achieve our vision. In serving our communities, we will build and maintain collaborative partnerships and relationships with the region’s key government, non-government, industry and community stakeholders.
  7. Sustainability
    As an organisation, we uphold a quadruple-bottom-line approach, taking a social, cultural, economic and environmentally-sustainable approach to everything we do.
  8. Forward-looking
    We are aspirational with a clear vision for future prosperity while meeting community needs and respecting and building on our outback heritage.