Illegal Dumping and Littering

Illegal dumping has serious environmental and social impacts. Some forms of illegal dumping such as disposing of chemicals or asbestos can directly cause harm or injury to humans and wildlife, or lead to pollution of the environment. 

What is Illegal Dumping?

  • The unlawful deposit of any type of waste material that is 200 litres or more in volume.
  • Any waste left in any place without authority from the owner, this includes green waste and donation bins.

What is Littering?

  • The unlawful deposit of any type of waste material that is less than 200 litres in volume (about the size of a wheelie bin)
  • Items left beside an overflowing bin, on a picnic table, releasing balloons, and material falling off an unsecured trailer, are all examples of littering.

There is no excuse:

  • Council provides numerous litter bins in public areas around the region.
  • Each town within our region has free, daily access to a waste facility.
  • One-off additional pick-up services are available for your wheelie bin (??)
  • You can request an extra wheelie bin for weekly pick up (fees apply).

Report illegal dumping:

Call Council on (07) 4658 4111

Email us –

Use the 'Snap Send Solve' App