Our Structure

Within our organisational structure, a community-focus emerges. The community is given highest importance, with the Mayor and Councillors responsible for representing them and addressing their needs. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) oversees all operations and ensures effective governance practices. Within the Office of the CEO are several important strategic functions such as people and culture, safety, economic development, governance, planning and development, and regulatory services.

Further down the structure, we find three specialised directorates. The Works directorate manages and maintains infrastructure and civil works including roads, waste management, water and sewerage. The Communities directorate engages with the community, and manages community facilities like libraries, showgrounds, town halls, pools, parks and gardens. Lastly, the Finance directorate handles financial resources, including budgeting, fiscal planning, plus business systems including payroll, information technology, and procurement.

Council Ctructure

Reporting lines and accountability flows through the organisation up to the Directors that make up the Executive Leadership Team, through the Chief Executive Officer, up to the Mayor and Councillors then on to the community at large. Council is also guided by various committees including advisory committees, working groups, and the Audit & Risk Committee. State and federal governments provide further authority and guidance through legislation, service delivery, and funding.

This structure, and the distribution of functions within it, has been carefully designed to ensure that transparency and accountability is embedded in our culture, fostering a strong connection between Council and the community it serves.