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Council welcomes new protocols for workers returning to Western Queensland

Published: 22nd April 2020

Longreach Regional Council welcomes today’s news that Queensland Government workers will be required to undergo health screening before returning to rural communities in the west of the state.
With very few exceptions being made, mostly for emergency service workers, all government employees will be covered by the new rules which are designed to keep remote and rural communities free of COVID-19.
“This is great news,” Mayor Tony Rayner said.
“It gives our community faith that any government employee returning to the Longreach region from coastal areas has been screened by health professionals. These measures will help alleviate some of the concerns community have expressed about government employees who left the region for holidays.
“I thank everyone in the community for taking the pandemic threat seriously and following the social distancing recommendations. I believe that, in part, it’s due to our own diligence and sense of community that we have not had a single confirmed case in our region.
“Times are tough on everyone. By sticking together, maintaining and building on our wonderful community spirit, our region will emerge from this public health crisis well positioned to conquer any new challenges that come our way.
“Please continue to look out for each other and check up regularly on any elderly neighbours.”


Media Contact: Mayor Tony Rayner - 0418 961 372
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