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In accordance with amendments to the Local Government Act, 2009 our councillor conduct register is now available by clicking the button below.

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Councillor Ed Warren Mayor of Longreach Regional Council


Councillor Ed Warren

Email: mayor@longreach.qld.gov.au

Phone: 0418 961 372

Register of Interest

Committees: Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG)

Mayor of Longreach Regional Council, Cr Ed Warren, is a dedicated community representative with over with over 21 years of public sector leadership experience to his name.

Elected Mayor in 2016 following a successful tenure as the inaugural chair of the Central West Hospital and Health Board, Councillor Warren is a passionate advocate for Central Western Queensland and its communities.

His extensive local government experience extends back to 1997 when he was first elected to Winton Shire Council, where he also served a term as Mayor from 2007 to 2012. During that time he also served as chair of the Remote Area Planning And Development Board (RAPAD), from 2008 to 2012.

Cr Warren has also held a number of company directorships in the region, including time as a director of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs, director and chair of the Waltzing Matilda Centre, and as a director of the Outback Queensland Tourism Association. Cr Warren also has experience as former president of Winton Race Club, former Chair of the North West Racing Association and as a past member of the Queensland Country Racing Committee.

Prior to getting involved in public governance, Ed’s background was in the in the agricultural services sector; in which he worked throughout Queensland for 31 years.

Mayor Warren’s leadership and strategic thinking skills have been developed through his lengthy experience in governance of public, not-for-profit, and private administration. He is passionate about supporting not only his own community but also the entire Western and greater North Queensland region.

Councillor Leonie Nunn, Deputy Mayor for Longreach Regional Council

Deputy Mayor

Councillor Leonie Nunn

Email: deputymayor@longreach.qld.gov.au

Phone: 0427 589 155

Register of Interest

Committees:  Reconciliation Working Group, Regional Arts Development Fund Advisory Committee, Land and Pest Management Advisory Committee, Advancing Agriculture Advisory Committee.

Cr Leonie Nunn was elected as a first time nominee for local government in 2016.

Along with her husband, Jim, they have lived on a sheep and cattle property (‘Sunnyside’) in the Longreach District for 32 years, where they have raised their four sons.

The four boys are all employed in some form of rural work, with one son residing with his wife and children in Longreach, two based at ‘Sunnyside’ and one employed in the far north east reaches of South Australia.

Cr Nunn is a teacher by profession, having taught at remote schools in South Australia, and as a teaching principal at Stonehenge, as well as teaching her own children distance education for many years.

Councillor Anthony (Tony) Emslie of Longreach Regional Council

Councillor Anthony (Tony) Emslie

Email: cremslie@longreach.qld.gov.au

Phone: 0407 644 204

Register of Interest

Committees: Plant Working Group

Cr Anthony (Tony) Emslie was elected to Council as a first time nominee for Local Government in 2012 and served as Deputy Mayor from April 2014 to March 2016. He is serving his second term as a councillor after being elected in the 2016 local elections. He is the 3rd generation of his family to be born in Longreach or Ilfracombe and a very proud local. 
Cr Emslie is a motor mechanic by trade, but has been employed at Longreach State High School for the past 31 years. He is the Schools Officer (Facilities) and drove the Hospitality Trade Training Centre B-Double truck for the first 7 years after its inception. He also attended LSHS for his senior education.
An avid sports fan, Cr Emslie has been involved in the local rugby league team for many years as a player, club member, official and strapper/first aid officer. He has also marked the football field for the past twenty 22 years on a voluntary basis. He was awarded a Life Membership of Longreach Senior Rugby League Club in 2015.
Cr Emslie serves on the committees of various local organisations and is currently Vice President of the Longreach Bowls Club. He is also a car enthusiast and enjoys having a quiet beer and playing bowls unsuccessfully while catching up with friends.

Councillor Trevor Harris of Longreach Regional Council

Councillor Trevor Harris

Email: crharris@longreach.qld.gov.au

Phone: 0457 465 833

Register of Interest

Committees:  Plant Working Group, Land and Pest Management Advisory Committee

Cr Trevor Harris has lived in Longreach for sixty-one years.  He currently owns and lives on a small grazing property twenty minutes north of Longreach.  Cr Harris was educated at the Longreach State School.  His wife Gail is a local and they have three sons and seven grandchildren.  Their sons all work and reside in Longreach.

Cr Harris has spent most of his working life in the rural industry owning and operating an earthmoving and tank sinking business with help at times from his three sons.  From 1998-2013 he managed a Plant and Equipment Hire Business.

Having worked in all areas of the region, Cr Harris has acquired a genuine interest in the progress of its communities.

Councillor Tony Martin of Longreach Regional Council

Councillor Tony Martin

Email: crmartin@longreach.qld.gov.au

Phone: 0428 583 747

Register of Interest

Committees: Audit and Risk Committee, Tourism and Economic Development Working Group

Cr Tony Martin was appointed as General Manager for the Qantas Founders’ Museum in July 2008. He left this position in June 2011 to take up a newly appointed position with Outback Queensland Tourism as their General Manager implementing new strategy for the organisation and producing a national award winning publication. After eight months Tony returned to Qantas Founders Museum as CEO of Qantas Foundation Memorial and Qantas Foundation Fundraising.

In 2011 Cr Martin was awarded a management excellence award for Rural Remote Manager of the year by The Australian Institute of Management. He is also currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He has worked in the Australian tourism industry for the last 16 years.

Cr Martin has travelled extensively mainly in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and has lived in many countries including Spain, Israel and Germany. He moved from the United Kingdom to Australia in 1997 bringing with him a varied career background including experience in the teaching sphere.

Cr Martin has been involved in some internationally recognised and successful tourism ventures. While studying a Bachelor of Tourism he began working for Sydney’s Harbour Bridge Climb eventually becoming a senior staff member responsible for employee and product development. He was later employed as the Director of Operations for the Story Bridge Adventure Climb in Brisbane and played an integral role in setting up that highly regarded tourist attraction.

Cr Martin is driven by a desire to achieve excellence and professionalism. He applies this standard to the multi award winning Qantas Founders Museum by fostering a team culture and strengthening relationships with local community, value adding to the customer’s experiences and making the museum and Longreach a place that people keep returning to.

He lives in Longreach with his wife Nicole and their three children Sidney, Archie and Bonnie.

Councillor Anthony Rayner of Longreach Regional Council

Councillor Anthony (Tony) Rayner

Email: crrayner@longreach.qld.gov.au

Phone: 0427 615 357

Register of Interest

Committees:  Audit and Risk Committee, Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG), Reconciliation Working Group, Land and Pest Management Advisory Committee, Saleyards Working Group, Tourism and Economic Development Working Group, Advancing Agriculture Advisory Committee.

Cr Anthony (Tony) Rayner was elected to Council as a first time nominee for Local Government in 2016.

Cr Rayner has fulfilled senior executive roles in the Queensland State Government as an Executive Director and Assistant Director-General in the portfolio of Primary Industries and Rural Training. He has a strong interest in employment and training across the Central West through his position as Chief Executive Officer, RAPAD Employment Services Qld.

Cr Rayner is actively involved in the Longreach Show Society and has a grazing interest in the Muttaburra district.

Councillor Trevor Smith of Longreach Regional Council

Councillor Trevor Smith

Email: crsmith@longreach.qld.gov.au

Phone: 0428 896 263

Register of Interest

Committees: Plant Working Group, Regional Arts Development Fund Advisory Committee, Land and Pest Management Advisory Committee, Saleyards Working Group.

Cr Trevor Smith has lived in Longreach since 1970 and he and his wife, Sue, have four children. He was first elected to Longreach Regional Council in 2012.

For five years Cr Smith was a representative with the United Graziers Association on the Land Rental Advisory Committee for the Central West Region. He was also a Co-Founder, Deputy Chairman and Director of AusGoat - a Goat Meat marketing Co-op.

Cr Smith represents Council on its Wild Dog Control Advisory Committee and the Rural Lands Advisory Committee. He has over 28 years experience managing wild dogs while running sheep, cattle and goats on properties west of Longreach.