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Longreach Regional Local Government Area

Regional Map

The iconic Longreach Region in Central Western Queensland is situated 700 kilometres from the coast, west of  Rockhampton, and covers an area of 40,638 square kilometres (roughly the size of Denmark). The Region encompasses the outback townships of Longreach, Ilfracombe, Isisford, and Yaraka and the entire population is approximately 3,600 people. The main industries are cattle and sheep production and tourism. You can travel to this unique part of Queensland by road, rail or plane.

Longreach serves as the administrative centre for the Region and is home to the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame, Qantas Outback Founders Museum and Longreach Powerhouse Museum. Attractions in the outlying centres include Ilfracombe's ‘Machinery Mile', Isisford's ‘Outer Barcoo Interpretive Centre' and Yaraka's ‘Mt Slowcombe Lookout'.

The Thomson and Barcoo Rivers flow through the Region and serve not only as important environmental habitats and town water sources but as recreation areas for locals and visitors alike. Both Longreach and Isisford hold an annual fishing competition, attracting keen anglers from across Australia, in search of the famous ‘Yellowbelly'.